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Saffron Members Page

One for all and all for...
...the solitary diner..

Welcome! If you find yourself here then you are one of our distinguished 'Saffron' Members. Below you will find links to special content only available to our precious Saffroners.

We hope you enjoy these exclusive peeks into the more 'private' area of our world with your chance to slip through the sheepskin screen and join us at our 'backstage' party. Take off your hat, coat and gloves and make yourself comfortable.

Original Paintings for our eponymously titled first album by the wonderful Eva Krusche

Every week there will be a new addition to this collection. The original paintings for most songs on the album will be revealed at a viewing size where these truly beautiful pieces of art can be enjoyed. Also there will be the song on the page to listen to while you absorb the artwork along with the lyrics and some background information and commentary on the song written by the composer himself - Ian Chapman.

We hope you enjoy these masterpieces as much as we do!

No. 1 - The Brothers Grimm

Grab your beverage or snack of choice and click the picture or here to be taken to the relevant page and let the entertainment begin.


No. 2 - Pigfly

It's perfect weather to fly your house pig! Click the pig... I mean pic and head over the porkin' runway for take off! TAKE ME THERE!

We Reserve the Right to Dine Alone.JPG

No. 3 - We Reserve the Right to Dine Alone

Everybody has the right to be who they are, to think for themselves, to have their own opinions, to live their lives as they wish as long as no harm comes to others. We believe dining alone has a danger to the public of zero percent. Therefore we not only approve, we actively endorse it! Take your place, at your table for one! Let us show you to your seat.


No. 4 - Marmaduke

Who is Marmaduke? What is the song about?

Who does he think he is, or for that matter his creator - does he think he's God?

Well stop gawping at me with that incredulous face and come over to Marmaduke's parlour to find some of the answers. You may regret it, but I don't really care...


No. 5 - Tears of Joy

Why do English people abroad often look like lobsters?
Is there something odd about this song?

Why not find out - click here or something huge and hot may bite you!!


No. 6 - Panama Reeks of Banana

Not happy with where you live? Then pack your bags and come with us to the paradisical wonder that is Panama - it stinks of banana from top to bottom, but other than that...

Jump on the banana boat!


No. 7 - Wish

When you wish upon a star

Makes no difference where you are

When you wish upon a star

Just be careful....that's all (Click this to see if your wishes come true)


No. 8 - You Will Eat Your Children

What on Earth is this all about?

Should such songs be censored for your own safety and that of your delicious children?

Don't worry, we will give you everything you need, we will take care of everything in your life and feed you, for your own good, your offspring. Don't double think, click click here!


No. 9 - Wake Me From the Dead

Death. It's part of life. It's something that's held a fascination in us here humans for millenia and the stories and discussions of the subject permeate the world, even if it's something we may not particularly want to think about. But if you are interested - and it really isn't too morbid follow this link.


No. 10 - Three Little Pigs

Triple Little Pig Burger coming up - Wolf's favourite. With a surprise topping! Served up here.


No. 11 - I'd Have Her

A song of almost ancient proportions, hailing from the distant year of 2006. Click hear!


No. 12 Jedi Jedi

Let go of your feelings and let the force take you to greatness!

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