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We Reserve the Right to Dine Alone.JPG
We Reserve the Right to Dine Alone - Artwork: Eva Krusche

There are two versions of this song. The first, a sort of lonely solo recording with only one other musician, Judith Forster* on clarinet as an introduction to the Society. It’s a simple enough piece, although the harmony does jump a little unexpectedly around. And in the second version that we use to close our debut album there is more of an ensemble, as if we collected people on the way through the twists and turns, peaks and dips of the album. If you listen closely though, you will distinctly hear that each musician sits at their own table.

'Who is Judith Forster?',  you may ask. Well, a good friend of mine from Franconia where I play Tuba in a folk group called: Derabeudisches Orkestor Ober Franken (DOOF). She is a qualified medical Doctor, as is her sister Hannah, who also plays violin in the ensemble. I missed our wild gigs during the pandemic, but hopefully soon we will be pumping out the dance tunes and inbibing the beautiful nectar that is the beer of Franconia. Beer that is the closest on the European mainland to remind me of home.

We reserve the right to Dine Alone

Ian Chapman: vocals, guitars, cornet, tuba

Judith Forster: clarinet

Producer: Dine Doneff

Music, Lyrics & Arrangement: Ian Chapman

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