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"In the music itself, one can also hear the ‘Lone Dining Society’ concept. A good dozen music styles of LDS idiosyncrasy find their place: Folk, Jazz, Moorish, Cirque Noir, Cabaret… a fantastic hustle and bustle. Brass, accordion, Mandolin and Hammond Organ draw us in and through a funfair and everything meshes smoothly together like a well oiled mechanical apparatus. Quite remarkable for a debut album."

Komalé Akakpo - BR Bayern 2 (Heimatsound 5.3.22)
"What's going on here?' asks the fascinated ear of the audience seeking to place the music into a genre...Chapman is a unique bag of surprises with his innuendos and cross-references and creates a 'Magical Mystery Tour' that is all of his own making, somewhere between Brit-Pop, Jazz, a sprinkling of Rock, Brass tradition and unconditionally romantic.."

Thomas Lochte - Merkur (Bosco 29.10.21)
"The Lone Dining Society captivated the crowd from the first second...“You just have to dance and sing along. I didn't think of anything else but the here and now. And that was great, ”says Kathi, a young woman in the audience."

Laura Wiedermann - Süddeutsche Zeitung (Sound Of Munich Now 2019)
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