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Jedi Jedi - Artwork: Eva Krusche

Ever since the first Star Wars film I’ve been a big fan. The whole Star Wars universe captured my imagination as a boy and I always wanted to be Luke Skywalker on his adventures in space and in learning to become a Jedi Knight. Although these days, I do think to be Han Solo might be a cooler option. AND he ends up with Princess Leia.

Now I think of it, we haven’t played this song live in a while - maybe it’s due a return. Star Wars - The Return of the Jedi Jedi…

The piece is meant to be a little of a nod towards American Rock (a la Green Day, Good Charlotte, Blink 182 Alien Ant Farm etc.) - although as usual, whenever I try to imitate another artist or style it always fails to sound too much like the intended ‘target’ - but perhaps that also has something of an advantage.

The idea behind the lyrics for the song revolve around the idea of a powerful entity taking control and like some ‘kind’ overseer keeping ‘peace’ and balance within the Universe. On surface value it seems to be a good and noble mission statement. But of course (and especially in the Star Wars Universe) ‘peace’ can only be achieved when the evil Empire is defeated and ground underfoot. But of course the character of whom is ‘evil’ can also be a matter of perspective - in reality there is very rarely a world of black and white, good and evil.

Even from Darth Vader’s perspective, he wants to bring peace to the galaxy and order, he believes he is righteous in his own mind and feels the force used to be justified to bring about such an ordered ‘Utopia’.

So this is the theme of the lyrics - that people can feel absolutely certain that they hold the morale high ground and the opposition must be destroyed and this is totally justified by any means necessary no matter how repugnant. It is for the greater good. Because they know best.

And when combined with a great power to carry this out, this is extremely dangerous.

Enjoy the beautiful Krusche painting.

And may your force be with you, always.

Jedi Jedi

I’m gonna be something good,
Something for the common good
Rise above this unholy mess,
I’ll be the saviour I’lL be

A Jedi, Jedi

I’ll restore order

So now with my super powers,
No-one can stop me, just they try
But Gott sei dank I’m the master of
Knowing just what is good for you

Like A Jedi a jedi

I’ll sort out the bad seeds, yes I’m looking at you get your backs up against the wall

What are you screaming for?
Your peace is here,
Peace is here
Peace is here
With Your pieces here and there

I’m gonna be something good,
Something for the common good
Rise above this unholy mess,
I’ll be the saviour I’lL be

A Jedi,  A Jedi


Ian Chapman: vocals, guitars,

Dine Doneff: drums, vocals, guitars, tamburo

Carles Camós: e-bass

Sandra Hollstein: accordeon

Johannes Url: drums

Martin Habersetzer: tuba

Just John Jones: vocals

Eileen Byrne: vocals

Producer: Dine Doneff

Music, Lyrics & Arrangement: Ian Chapman

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