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Wake Me From the Dead - Artwork: Eva Krusche
Wake me from the Dead Guitar PG2.jpg
Wake me from the Dead Guitar PG3.jpg

I really love this painting from Eva, the symbology, the coffin in a bottle with wine flowing out, or is it blood? And the 2 surreal characters in procession including the little detail of the two wilted flowers in their pockets.
For me it captures a little essence of what may be the Underworld as this is what was in my mind writing the song, a man trapped somehow in this fictional realm of the afterlife and trying to find a way back.

In painting the picture in sound there are quite a lot of ‘colouring’ notes flying around, extensions and suspensions - in other words, these are notes that wouldn’t normally appear in a chord and add a special feel or spice to the sound. To me this creates an effect of an obscured, blurry and confusing landscape, and something that perhaps doesn’t quite sit comfortably.

I was wondering how to show the sort of thing I mean and I think perhaps just showing you the scoring of the guitar part (a part I don't usually write out - I usually write out all the other parts because it saves a great deal of time - and of course I have MORE CONTROL over the music). The rhythm structure of the guitar is also something of a complex confusing mash when juxtaposed against the fairly straight 4 beat of the piece.

Wake Me From The Dead

I’m sorry that I left before I finished my sentence,
But I was whisked away with a clerical flick of his Scythe,
But then I slipped away and I think I could make it back,

Hey! You!
Please wake me from the dead,
No tears, let’s not waste the time we have
Let’s just see how much time there is left for us
Drinking heavily ‘till the final glass,
We’ll raise a toast to us, we’ll raise a toast to us,
And we won’t care a jot about fitting in,
All that matters is what we have within our arms, our arms, our arms….

Can’t leave you alone,
I’m sure there’s a way back
Must be a clerical error,
I’m sure there must be some way to work it out
Hey! Hey! You!

Hmm I’d really like to remember, what happened,
But It’s all so blurry,
But I seem to recall, yes I remember, I was high, as a kite    

Ian Chapman: vocals, guitars, synths, charanga,

Carles Camós: e-bass

Sandra Hollstein: vocals

Johannes Url: drums

Martin Habersetzer: tuba

Julian Hesse: trumpet

Thorben Schütt: trombone

Producer: Dine Doneff

Music, Lyrics & Arrangement: Ian Chapman

Anyway, I hope showing you that wasn't too confusing. If you would like some explanation then feel free to ask me, I'd be quite happy to answer your questions.

But, perhaps you may wish to speak to one of the real masters for the ultimate music coaching, Beethoven or Mozart?

But first you will have to wake them from the dead...

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