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World Premiere at The Sound Of Munich Now (International) Festival 2019

The Lone Dining Society onstage at The Sound Of Munich Now Festival 2019 Julian Hesse (trumpet) Thorben Schütte (Trombone) Johannes Url (Drums) Ian Chapman (Guitar/vocals) Carles Camós (Bass) Eileen Byrne (Backing Vocals / Melodica)
(c) lifeonstage Johannes Kl

Our first show at the Kranhalle for The Sound Of Munich Now (International) 2019 was an amazing beginning and huge fun for all - even for the audience by all accounts.

We were honoured to have such talented musicians in our line up. Julian Hesse (Trumpet), Thorben Schütte (Trombone), Johannes Url (Drums & Teufelsgeiger), Carles Camós (Bass) & Eileen Byrne (Backing Vocals / Melodica). A special mention of thanks must be made for the organisers and our sound crew, who all did a wonderful job.

The audience were a delight, whether standing and enjoying being led along our musical paths and through our rabbit holes or whether dancing like Mad Hatters and in one case brandishing a huge fork and spoon. It was a pleasure speaking to many of the listeners afterwards and we are seeing if we can squeeze in perhaps a more intimate Christmas special before the year runs out.

We were delighted to hear enthusiastic and positive feedback on our unusual start to the performance. For anyone that missed it, there is here a short clip from our rehearsal.

Many thanks to Dominic Schiess ( Büro für Design) for sponsoring our beautiful banner.

And of course a special mention to Linda Sollacher should be brought forward as she put a lot of effort into making sure we looked spectacular onstage, some took more effort than others of course....well OK, it was only myself that took a special effort.

So now we're off to a running start and have served our 'starter', we will be looking forward to bringing out something of a main course soon - we hope to see you there!

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