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The Last Dance

It's been a very busy time recently here at the Great Hall of The Lone Dining Society. If fact one could say one's feet have hardly touched the floor, and it hasn't been all singing and dancing. But there has been some dancing however, as we, (among other things) have been working on a new film for the song 'The Last Dance'.

Professional doesn't even begin to cover the description of the team working on this project, (of which was in my estimation and experience quite a large team with an epic supporting cast) mainly because everyone really gave everything towards the goal of achieving a truly great film, and also when one considers that these immensely talented artists gave their time and expertise free of charge and not only soldiered on through long hours, strenuous and difficult problems and driving rain (at the finale) they Majored their roles with panache and with the inextinguishable spirit of true artists.

It was, overall, quite exhausting, but huge fun and we're all very excited about releasing the final film to the world. It will draw I am sure a binary reaction - you will either like it or love it.

Here is a teaser picture from the filming - I will post a few more 'teasers' on the Members Only area - which is accessible to people signing up as members of the society (it's free of charge).

Wedding Photo
Wedding Photo

We are also working on the completion of the album which we hope to release early 2020 and have started rehearsals in preparation for our first public appearance at The Sound Of Munich Now (International) Festival at Feierwerk (Munich) on Saturday 9.11.

I'm also thinking of making something special for Members in celebration of Brexit day, although it is quite likely that this may be delayed, perhaps indefinitely...

Hope to see some of your lovely and ugly mugs on the 9th!

P.S. Oh and I promise to write Chapter Four of The Lone Dining Society Story very, or at least quite soon.

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