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Do Sheep dream of eclectic Fathers? The apples never fall far from the tree.

Schafhof Cafe Botanika Freising Wooden Hall Sheep shelter Winter
The hall that in the Winter is home to the resident sheep

Cafe Botanika in Freising - the Schafhof, which translates into Sheep Farm sits overlooking the valley of Freising, the copper tower of the local brewery rising up far on the opposite hillside was the location for a very intimate outdoor concert last Saturday.

A small but cosy stage, flanked by a roaming band of sheep that in Winter are herded into the huge wooden domed hall via an ingenious gradually ascending ramp. In the summer months this sheep haven is used for weddings and other special occasions. Apparently sheep have been kept here since the 19th Century by some eccentric Earl or Baron that used to own the buildings and surrounding land.

It was a beautiful location, the audience sitting among apple trees, (with apples ripe enough to let gravity take it's course upon them) that made up a scattered veil of a canopy above them and above that, the stars.

We were honoured to have a very special guest with us. Standing in for Julian Hesse as one of the 'Brass Boys™' was Ludwig Url, the Father of Johannes Url, on Trumpet and Flugel Horn.

The word 'musician' often instantly evokes a culturally clichéd response of 'Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll' or 'Can you mak