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Opera star, Bavarian brass jazz cats and American performance artist

Over the last week we had some very special guests along to the LDS (Lone Dining Society) recording studio to add another dimension to our new album 'Of Pigs & Pirates'.

First up was Maria Kostraki Criniti (soprano) whom we were incredibly lucky to have as she is expecting her second child and is very close to the end of the pregnancy. She told us that in her present state breath control is very difficult. But nevertheless she gave an amazing performance.

Maria Kostraki Critini (opera singer) performing in Korea
Maria Kostraki Critini performing in Korea

Next in the studio were Julian Hesse (Trumpet) and Thorben Schütt (Trombone) two players making waves in the Jazz world but here adapting their talents to our more theatrical / circus-like Pop Folk music.

Julian Hesse trumpeter and Thorben Schütt sitting playing for a recording
Left to right - Julian Hesse & Thorben Schütt

And yesterday we had vocal and performance artist JJ Jones donating his incredible voice and various characters into the mix - probably the most entertaining recording session I've ever been involved with.

JJ Jones recording vocals with Ian Chapman acting as sound engineer
Left to right - Ian Chapman & JJ Jones

Needless to say all three recording sessions have raised the bar, taking the music to a higher plane. Both Dine Doneff (producer) and I are very excited about how the album is shaping up.

Dine Doneff (producer) sitting recording guitar in room with Tuba in front of a cupboard
Dine Doneff (producer) recording guitar

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