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TEARS OF JOY SINGLE - Released 3rd December 2021 (link to soundcloud)

Photo- Pius Neumaier

International, Munich (Germany) based band releases sixth single 'Tears of Joy' featuring the almost immortal 'Brass Boys'. The song lopes along in 5/4 to a tripping arpeggiated riff on guitar, whilst the lyrics touch upon pleasing some protagonist at the cost of getting sunburnt and fulfilling ice cream desires before finally being brought to questionable tears of joy as it drops in and out of some deliberate cheese style moments to reflect some sort of misplaced ecstasy.

Despite their swift rise from the band's conception in 2019 to appear at The Sound of Munich Now festival in Munich, Germany it was a very short take-off interrupted by the Covid lockdowns. In the meantime The Lone Dining Society (LDS) have concentrated on developing material for a series of ongoing single releases.

The band comprises of Ian Chapman (UK), main vocals, guitars, Carles Camós (ES), Bass Guitar, Eileen Byrne (LUX), vocals, organ, percussion & Johannes Url (DE) - they are often joined by the 'Brass Boys' who are a satellite entity made up of various brass players on Trumpet and Trombone.

The songs and arrangements written by composer-songwriter and multi instrumentalist Chapman will challenge the listener to describe the genre. Their music, which is reminiscent of They Might Be Giants, The Divine Comedy, Neutral Milk Hotel, Belle & Sebastian, The Beautiful South, Tiger Lillies, Crash Test Dummies, Frank Zappa and Beirut, is a mixture of acoustic and electronic instruments with unusual lyrics that make you think - with a dash of Black Comedy thrown into the mix.


What's going on here?' asks the fascinated ear of the audience seeking to place the music into a genre...Chapman is a unique bag of surprises with his innuendos and cross-references and creates a 'Magical Mystery Tour' that is all of his own making, somewhere between Brit-Pop, Jazz, a sprinkling of Rock, Brass tradition and unconditionally romantic..

Thomas Lochte - Merkur (Bosco 29th October 2021)


The Lone Dining Society captivated the crowd from the first second...“You just have to dance and sing along. I didn't think of anything else but the here and now. And that was great, ”says Kathi, a young woman in the audience.

Laura Wiedermann - Süddeutsche Zeitung (Sound Of Munich Now 2019)

Please contact us for further information.

Ian Chapman 0049 (0)157 8868 6423

Carles Camós 0049 (0) 170 6180 253

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