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The Lone Dining Society?

Ian sitting next to his Tuba in a field with a train line in the background
Ian with his Tuba - Photo by Linda Sollacher

In our modern age, in Western civilisation, along with all the benefits that we often take for granted, there are issues that still dog us as well as wholly new ones that arise unforeseen like demons from the ethernet as a result of changes in culture and society.

One such element is the growing sense of loneliness, whether by circumstance or through choice. Living in an area but not really knowing who lives in the street or even next door, never talking with neighbours aside from perhaps from a passing hello on occasion when forced to make eye contact. The older generation slipping from the minds of fellow humans as the generations pass by and sitting forgotten in their time capsules. People sitting together at a gathering and yet isolated in their own world of emoticons, hashtags and their virtual social get-togethers.

We probably have all noticed those solitary souls that we see strangely alone at restaurants, cinemas, at concerts or on fairground rides. Who are these people? Are they sad lonely losers? Or are they completely happy in their solitariness?

My non-conformist and rebellious soul resonates with the idea of a Lone Dining Society - perhaps one where membership requires that smart phones are left outside of the solitary culinary experience, where once in a while the members meet at a restaurant to eat, but on separate individual tables - the waving to others by younger more excitable members would of course be frowned upon.

This new exciting multi-discipline art project, rippling outwards from songs written by myself, performed by myself and others will also engage artists as something of an orbital collective working on images, films, installations etc.

The Lone Dining Society will be coming soon, we would be honoured for you to join us as a member and share in our collective, albeit sometimes lonely experience.

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