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The Lone Dining Society (LDS) releases their third new single ‚Panama Reeks of Banana‘ on 1.8.21 available on Spotify, Deezer, iTunes etc.

Panama Reeks of Banana.jpg

The song is inspired by the Kleine Bär & Tiger book series by Janosch. Composer Ian Chapman read the series, his first books in German, to improve his mastery of the language shortly after moving to Bavaria.

There is a special limited edition offer for the release including:

  • Original artwork by Eva Krusche

  • Handwritten lyrics

  • Background to the inspiration for the song

  • Exclusive bonus unreleased track ‚You‘re No Baby‘ (also with an inspirational link to the Janosch books)

  • Lead sheet for You‘re No Baby (lyrics & melody / chords) PLUS TAB for the Ukulele part

This quirky, summerly song comes on the heels of the band‘s first two single releases:

Marmaduke - attention seeker extraordinaire
Three Little Pigs - the siege crisis in Poppenweiler of Little Pigs #1, #2 and #3 by the avaricious Jebediah P. Wolf

The Lone Dining Society, the new project of the composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Ian Chapman, will challenge the listener to describe the genre. His music, which is reminiscent of They Might Be Giants, The Divine Comedy, Neutral Milk Hotel, Belle & Sebastian, The Beautiful South, Tiger Lillies, Crash Test Dummies, Frank Zappa and Beirut, is a mixture of acoustic and electronic instruments with unusual lyrics that make you think - with a dash of Black Comedy thrown into the mix.

Sometimes tender and poignant, often lively, the circus-like pop-folk music offers a theatrical narrative with a rocking groove and a broad dynamic spectrum.
So if you are looking for something new, something different, something provocative, The Lone Dining Society is just right for you!

The band were just gathering momentum on the musical runway with a prestigious appearance at the Sound Of Munich Now 2019 before a strange worldwide phenomenon brought an abrupt halt to their launch.

Band posing onstage BIG David Brugman.jpg

Photo: David Brugman

Chapman (UK - Vocals, Guitars, Cornet, Tuba) has gathered a variety of other musicians into the project of varied internationality:

Carles Camos (ESP) - E-Bass, Piano, Kontrabass
Johannes Url (DE) - Drums
Eileen Byrne (LUX) - Vocals, Organ
Julian Hesse (DE) - Trumpet
Matthias Zeindlhofer (A) - Trombone

Onstage band David Brugman.jpg
wine glass onstage.jpg

Photos: David Brugman

But where does the band name come from? Ian Chapman, band leader explains:

"I was playing Tuba at Oktoberfest in Munich a few years in a row in the Ammerzelt, sitting on a balcony overlooking the diners. I remember seeing a man enter and take a seat at the table alone. He was brought a beer and I assumed that he was waiting for a friend. Later his meal arrived and he sat there contentedly eating and drinking alone as we played to our guests.
After he had finished he left.
The next year he returned again, sitting alone and over this time I came to recognise several others would come to our tent and sit at a table alone to eat.
In my imagination I thought that perhaps they were all members of a society - The Lone Dining Society, perhaps gathering once a year to all collectively sit alone and eat at the clubhouse in separated solidarity without care or worry of any social judgements."

And so the idea of The Lone Dining Society was born.

Other projects of Ian Chapman include:

Schicksals Combo, Jodelfisch, Gurdan Thomas, Derabeudisches Orkestor Oberfranken & Go Sing Choir.


The LoneDining Society_071119_johannes_kl-2.jpg
The LoneDining Society_071119_johannes_kl-4.jpg

Photos: lifeonstage Johannes Kl


For more information:

Ian Chapman
0157 8868 6423

Carles Camós
0170 618 0253

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